Çanakkale Smart City Seminar

A comprehensive Smart City Seminar was organized on March 30, 2017 to look into the concept of smart cities and its components and explain the Smart City Transformation Model, Çanakkale on My Mind project and best smart city practices in the world. The Governor of Çanakkale, Mayor of Çanakkale, Mayor of Kepez, officials and representatives from relevant public organizations, private organizations, NGOs and the university attended the seminar.


Çanakkale Collective Thinking Workshop

A workshop for collective thinking was held with the participation of relevant public and private organizations, universities and NGOs in Çanakkale on March 31, 2017. During the workshop, a summary of the Smart City Seminar was presented and current challenges and needs from a smart city viewpoint were identified. The participants suggested solutions and worked collectively on the proposed Çanakkale Smart City Visions. The same workshop was held at April 12, 2017 for youth associations in Çanakkale. Following the Smart City Seminar, the same method was employed to identify current challenges and needs, come up with solutions and propose smart city visions from the perspective of young people.


Çanakkale Smart City Road Map

At first, Novusens team performed a detailed analysis of existing resources, followed by a series of town-wide surveys specially designed for the project for the purposes of a current situation analysis. In the light of the findings, a smart city seminar and two collective thinking workshops have been implemented. The results of all the studies combined with global trends and best-known practices were used to come up with a smart city roadmap and a list of recommendations for the city of Çanakkale.

You can reach Çanakkale’s Roadmap to Becoming a Smart City Report here.


Çanakkale Smart City Trainings

A series of trainings for different target groups have been organized under the Çanakkale n My Mind Project in order to establish a common understanding on smart city concepts and improve institutional capacities in the city. The trainings have been executed in 2018 on June 11th, July 24th, September 13th and September 28th.